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Return and Refund

1. Products upon receipt do not conform to what you have ordered

If the products delivered to you are not in accord with what you have ordered from us, please notify us stating the details. We will conduct a full refund or exchange within the shortest time as you may require.

2. Products arrive with damage caused during the shipping process

If products upon receipt have any damage caused during the shipping process, please offer us relevant proof-pictures, and return these damaged products to us within three days from the original date of receiving. We will make some identification within the shortest time. After we have authorized the return, we will deliver new products to you as soon as possible and be responsible for shipping charges.

3. There are quality problems with the received products

If you find any quality problem with the products you receive, please show us the photos within three days from the original date of receiving. We will conduct refund or exchange as you may require and also we will be responsible for the shipping fee.

4. You do not like the products upon receipt

If you want to return the products which totally conform to your requirements without any quality problem only because you do not like their colors or patterns, then we have to say sorry to you that we will not do so for you. But you can still ask for exchange. Just deliver the products to us within three days after receiving them and make sure of no damage in these products or their original package. Besides you must undertake all shipping fee yourself brought by the returns.

If you receive your products and are satisfied with them, please leave some comments. Feel free to visit our website. And we appreciate all your valuable comments and suggestions on our products or service.

If there are any other problems you may come across, please contact us. We will help you solve any problem to your satisfaction as soon as possible.